Kart-Smart is the first company to develop a shopping cart handle cover, that provides both customer protection and incredible advertising opportunities!

  The "Kart-Shield" Marketing Advantage consists of:

1. Sponsored Advertising of your favorite products, with an estimated 30% ROI.

2. Protects against Germs and Bacteria, no more cart handle wipes needed, an estimated savings of $80,000 annually.

3. The sleekest and most refined solution on the market today! Kart Shields provide a dual purpose that offers an exceptional Marketing advantage to your organization and cutting edge safety for your customers.

    The "Kart-Shield" shopping cart handle cover is easy to use, recyclable and fully bio-degradable! Kart-Shields will completely biodegrade within 240 days using state of the art Biofase polymar resins!

   Contact us and see how we can maximize your advertising campaign and provide your customers the ultimate shopping experience!

Wipes are totally ineffective with 5 second method! Bad odor , feel and doesn't work!

Effectively protects against Germs and Bacteria!

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Verified by a University of Arizona 4 year study.

Electronically distributed with a hands free dispenser.