Kart-Smart is the first company to develop a shopping cart handle cover, that provides both customer protection and incredible advertising opportunities!

  The "Kart-Shield" Marketing Advantage consists of:

1. Sponsored Advertising of your favorite products, with an estimated 30% ROI.

2. Protects against Germs and Bacteria, no more cart handle wipes needed, an estimated savings of $80,000 annually.

3. The sleekest and most refined solution on the market today! Kart Shields provide a dual purpose that offers an exceptional Marketing advantage to your organization and cutting edge safety for your customers.

    The "Kart-Shield" shopping cart handle cover is easy to use, recyclable and fully bio-degradable! Kart-Shields will completely biodegrade within 240 days using state of the art Bio-friendly polymer resins!

   Contact us and see how we can maximize your customers safety while shopping!

Electronically distributed with a hands free dispenser.


The Coronavirus has been deadly for some seniors. And others with comprimised immune systems. Protect yourself today with the very affordable Kart-shield handle covers


Wipes and Sanitizers are going to be hard to find, and do they really provide 100% protection? 

          "Stay Safe & Shelter in place"

                         Kart-Shield Shopping Cart Handle Covers

  • A physical "Hands on Barrier" between your hands and the shopping cart handle.
  • Kart-Shields are the "10-Second Solution" easy to use and remove.
  • There are 15,000 shoppers at your local supermarket a week, the Coronavirus can stay on the shopping cart handle for an estimated 3-7 days.

          "Personal Protective Equipment" that is needed in today's challenging world.


   Effectively protects against Germs and Bacteria: Coronavirus, E-coli, Influenza, Salmonella, by providing a Food-Safe Bio-Poly barrier between your hands and shopping cart handle. Don't worry, stress or be anxious about shopping in today's uncertain world. The "Kart-Shield" handle cover was designed to protect you, and provide confidence and safety every time you shop.